Techstack of my solution:

  • Jest
  • Typescript


Add your condition before tests. As per my structure

describe()     if() --> conditional implementation



Tests only run if condition passed with given value.

Hope this post may save your time when needed. Happy coding :)

As I was selecting the UI test framework for a web project, done a little bit of research depending on Project Requirements. Hope this post will help techies who looking for a quick review of the latest frameworks.

Use Case

  • UI Test Automation for Web project written in Angular.
  • Need multi-browser support…

When “RequestSpecification” for the HTTP request, you may forget to check URL encoding. That may affect the path you need to invoke.


You need to invoke:

By default, URL encoding enabled with RequestSpecification requests and will be the request as follows:

Hence disable URL encoding:

RestAssured.baseURI = "";RestAssured.urlEncodingEnabled = false;RequestSpecification httpRequest = RestAssured.given().
Response response = httpRequest.request(Method.GET);

I was working with a test automation framework with cucumber, selenium and TestNG.

According to the requirement, had to have hybrid test architecture to cater to use cases. Hence decided to do REST API testing with Rest Assured.


  • BDD method used via Cucumber
  • Selenium for…


Input String may have content inside of brackets. All the content in brackets should be in reversed order.


  • Input — “Hello(Wel(co)me)” Outcome — “HelloomcoleW”


WSO2’s cloud-enabled, 100% open source enterprise service bus (ESB) [1] is a standards-based messaging engine that provides the value of messaging without writing code. It provides data integration capabilities, eliminating the need to use a separate data services server for your integration processes.

In general, ESB has to offer a…


  • Enterprise Integrator 6.1.0
  • Analytics profile configure with Oracle 12 c database
  • Analytics two nodes in separate instances

Data source Configuration

  1. Install Oracle database server.
  2. Create databases in Oracle.


  • USER MANAGEMENT database (),
  • WSO2_ANALYTICS_EVENT_STORE_DB (anaevesto61),
  • Two carbon databases (wso2carbonana1, wso2carbonana2) as we need 2 local databases for…

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